Viktolus is one of the few Raconians on Earth, Fighting bad guys with the ability to transform into different creatures. His Nova energy signature colour is yellow


Viktolus is a bright character, who likes adventures, fools around and usually plays the prankster among the raconian heroes.


Flyby: his main Transformation, Used maily for Flying and shooting nova energy rays.

Cloneray: like the name, he can clone himself, mainly used for consusing his enemies.

Hothead: This Transformation Posseses Pyrokinesis, meaning he can maniplulate fire.

UltraIce: unlike Hothead, can posses Cyrokinesis, controling and creating Ice.

Absorbaton: he's a special transformation who can absorb any matrial and Change into it, I.e water, fire, stone, grass.

Umbradon: his name is based on Umbrakinesis which is the power he has, controlling darkness and shadows.

Velocitizer: his Transformation used for speed, Being able to run fast enough to break the sound barrier and light spectrum.

Lazzerride: A Transformation used for forcefeilds and holographic battlewear

Smashemall: His transformation used for strength and breaking objects

Friends and Family

Tyrone, Aaron and Olivia: his first 3 friends on Earth, he met them on the street as they found out he was an alien

Aidraxa and Tetraz: his Best Friends when they were on Raconia

Thresax and Viktolus sr: his mother and Father, back on Raconia, being highly trained warriors

Sedaro: his sister, she seemingly annoyed him quite alot, but still got along fine

Frenova (Freh-nova): His girlfriend who was also left back on raconia


Aidraxa, after finally working up the courage to ask his crush Jarla out, was walking through the grotosian purplands with her. The date was going well, until Viktolus (as WaterWash) leapt from some cover and splashed him. This provoked Aidraxa to transform into Speedfire and clobber him.

Her sister Sedaro had a sister-like bond with Salova before she left for Earth, similar to Viktolus and Aidraxa's brother like bond.

He is allergic to some kinds of cauliflower. He shares this allergy with Salova. The effect of the allergy causes the Raconian to temporarily lose control of their ability to transform (causing them to randomly change into any random thing) and sneeze out blasts of Nova Energy-infused orange slime.

He once fired an energy shot into the sky for a dare, and it destroyed three moons, eighteen Argashian battleships and started an intergalactic war between the Argashians and the Rolowans. Viktolus, Tetraz and Aidraxa all agreed to never speak of the incident again.

Viktolus Is shorter than the others, he mainly gets mad at this as he wishes to be slightly taller then he actually is

He tends to have a serious anger problem, the last few times he was mad, he went Hypernova X and destroyed 7 planets. He never spoke to anyone about it

Before he left Raconia, The only person he told that he would leave was his girlfriend frenova


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