Salova is a main protagonist in the Raconian Heroes Universe. She is Aidraxa's younger sister and samalienne's older sister.


Her whole life, Salova has never been good with others. She cares about her family and has a lot of friends, but she secretly hides a dark, malevolent side of her personality. This side of her personality has never come out. Until now.


Salova has a variety of transformations, though nowhere near as many as Aidraxa. She has

Insectomorph (flight, can morph into Earth and alien insects)

Stormfire (her favourite, controls elements)

Velocite (super-speed and energy attacks)

Hypnotazer (hypnotic powers and electric attack)

Gigantica (strength, grows to 200 ft tall) and others.

Shockette (Sonic/electric blasts)

Invisilizard (invisibility)

Hotshot (Fire)

Wildwind (seismic blasts)

Lightcharge (Energy)

Reflex (Time Travel)

Livewire (electric manipulation)

Wildsyde (Animalistic)


Salova is the same age as Viktolus.

Salova's obsession with doctor who often annoys Aidraxa, especially as she keeps pestering and bothering him to build her a working TARDIS.

She once accidentally drank an entire bottle of shampoo, thinking it were strawberry yogurt.

She's allergic to blueberries and cauliflower.

The full extent of her powers is unknown but she's said to be stronger than Aidraxa.

When she was eight, she had a mutant hamstoid as a pet, which Aidraxa had to save her from when it became bloodthirsty after Salova let it grow too large.


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