When Worlds Collide is the first official Raconian Heroes crossover. It takes place the day after after the events of Agnetia the Alien, Episode 6: Darkness Reborn.

Unfortunately due to the Bitstrips website closing down unexpectedly, writer Agnes Thompson was forced to stop production of the special.


Following a mysterious chain of events that brought three heroes together, the universe falls into peril when different timelines and dimensions begin converging. And there's only one man who knows how to fix it.



Supporting Characters


  • TBA

Transformations Used

By Agnetia

  • Starporter

By Aidraxa

  • TBA

By Aidraxa MMXIV

  • TBA

By Salova

  • TBA

By Sicarius

  • TBA



This is the first story in the main RH canon to unite multiple dimensions, as well as the first ever to show the formation of the Raconian Heroes (hinted in Agnetia the Alien: Star Crossing Lovers).

It has the same Intro page as A Christmas Chaos, the cancelled Agnetia the Alien 2015 Christmas Special.

Agnetia reveals that the planetoid that she and the others are shopping on is named Cribauswaye, which is a reference to Cribbs Causeway, a shopping centre in Bristol, where Agnes Thompson (Agnetia creator and the main writer of this series) grew up.

This episode would have shown a vast difference between Aidraxa and Aidraxa MMXIV. It also would have cleared up a plothole in the RH canon, where Aidraxa MMXIV assisted Agnetia in Agnetia the Alien: Episode 1, instead of the Aidraxa in that universe. Aidraxa was a more brash version whereas Aidraxa MMXIV was more level headed and tactical. The two would have engaged in a brief fight, before being interrupted by Bluestreak.

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