Raconians DIE!

The Raconian Heroes were a fictional group of aliens from the planet Raconia. They inhabited many worlds, Raconia, Sixsar, even Earth has been visited by many of them. This wiki was dedicated to them, their adventures and their friends and enemies, before the dreams of their universe were torn apart.


Aidraxa (gave up)

Salova (died)

Agnetia (tried her best)

Viktolus (never to be seen again)

Lydius (who knows who cares)

Aidraxa MMXIV (ditto)

Salova MMXIV (ditto)


Michaela (who?)

Bluestreak (the only survivor)

Poomy (thank god its gone)

Greeneli (who?)


Camaron (the unsung hero)

Katrinix (yandere)

Daemus (dead)

Dakota Shane (super yandere)

Moop (reverse vagina)

Jafraries (wait for it....)

Frightmare (dead)

Lunardo (who?)

Ketsia (why's the only black woman in the franchise evil? I see you aaron)

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