Were you looking for Agnetia's sidekick Poomy

 Pooms are small, furry aliens that appear throughout the Raconian Heroes series. 

The Story of the Pooms

When Agnetia mysteriously loses control of her ship and falls to an unknown world, she encounters Bluestreak, who takes her to the village where she, her mother Dakota and the Poomahs live. Agnetia immediately becomes attached to a Poomah and asks to adopt it, which Dakota allows. The Poomah (now named Poomy) follows Agnetia and Bluestreak everywhere, and even fixes Agnetia's ship with a spanner. He also helped them in a battle against a new villain, who was secretly using the Poomahs to mine a deadly energy crystal to power a mind control device.


The Pooms we have seen so far are about two feet tall with white clothes. However their hands and feet are bare. They have brown scruffy fur and a small, orange nose with large eyes.


Pooms can see in the dark, they have echolocation, they can run at high speeds and jump high in the air. They also have retractable claws. When angered (or at least around vast amounts of Nova Energy) they can transform.


Pooms love carrots.

They (or at least Poomy) are very bad mechanics.

They speak their very own language, consistant of only "Poom" and "Poomy"

They appear mostly in the Agnetia Franchise, however they are mentioned and make brief cameos in various other series. They also have their own spinoff/parody series Poom Bros Adventure and an upcoming origin series.

A group of Pooms is called a "squabble".

"Pip" is a word used by Poomy fairly regularly in the Agnetia franchise, most notably in A Poom's Adventure (Agnetia 4). It is thought to be a Poomian swear word.

They have their own government, currently led by Abrapoom Lincoln.


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