Nova Forms are special transformations that require large amounts of Nova Energy to use. They are typically seen as last resorts, especially the stronger, more powerful stages.


The Superform and Ultraforms are different to the other Nova Forms as they do not incur any major physical changes, they merely surround the subject with a high amount of Nova Energy, the Ultraform being more powerful but requiring more energy to use.

There is also the Darkform. First seen in Aidraxa (Season one episode 3, Alienated), the Darkform uses Dark Energy created by negative emotions (rage, hatred, fear) instead of Nova Energy. This is the only "non-change" Nova Form to change the subject's personality, as the Darkform increases the subject's aggression and makes them far more violent. Only in this form is Aidraxa willing to kill an opponent and use the full extent of his power, making his Darkform far more dangerous in battle as he does not hold back.

Other Forms

Below is a list of all known Nova Forms in order of weakest to strongest:


Supernova (A large yellow/gold creature made purely of Nova Energy. Dangerous to use as subjects can lose control of themselves and revert to their primal state)


Ultranova (A stronger, faster, more agile version of Supernova, Ultranova can fly and use far more powerful attacks)

Hypernova (called Hypernova X by Aidraxa, the Hypernova form is completely black except for its' eyes and is even stronger than Ultranova)

Alpha/Neganova (The first form not to be accessed by Nova Energy, Alphanova and Neganova are powered by Alpha or Nega Energy, found in the Raconian Energy Core. They are also powered by the emotions of the subject. Alphanova can use Alpha and Nova Blast attacks whereas Nega can use Nega and Nova Blasts.

Omeganova (created using a combination of Alpha and Nega energy, this Nova Form can use Alpha, Nova, Nega and Omega Blasts, however Alpha and Nega Blasts are only half as powerful as full Alpha/Neganova attacks)

It has, however, been confirmed that there are stronger Nova Forms to be unlocked and seen.



The name Ultraform was given to an evolved form of a Transformation prior to the Aidraxa reboot in April 2014. The idea has since been scrapped.