Nova Energy

Pure Nova Energy

Nova Energy is the source of a Raconian's powers. It is generated in special cells in the Raconian's bloodstream, and when activated, glows a certain colour. This colour is a genetic trait, like eye and hair colour.

Nova Energy (in its extracted form) looks like multicoloured electricity. It is extremely unstable and is therefore difficult to artificially contain. But if successfully utilised it can be a very powerful tool or weapon.

Nova Energy's Uses

1) Transformations- Raconians' body structures are extremely complex and use the Nova Energy stored in their cells to restructure their bodies at will.

2) Power source- Nova Energy can be used as a power source capable of, as Aidraxa MMXVI said "It can power any device or machine in existence. Anything from a simple mobile phone, to a war vessel the size of the galaxy."

3) Death Rays- Aside from powering devices of mass destruction, Nova Energy itself can also be a weapon of mass destruction. Raconians, while in a Super, Dark or Nova Form can fire out intense blasts of Nova Energy. When they have practised enough, they can also fire Nova Blasts in their standard "base" form.

Non-Raconians and Nova Energy

If a non Raconian were exposed to high levels of Nova Energy, their DNA could be rewritten, giving them superpowers and/or transforming them into a mutant. An example of this is Poomy mutated due to an extreme amount of Nega Energy nearby and his anger at Dakota.

Raconians and Nova Energy

Although they gain power from Nova Energy, if Raconians are exposed to an extremely high dosage of Nova Energy, they might be forced to change into a Nova Form and explode, taking everything in a large radius down with them, or at least leaving a deadly amount of Nova Radiation. Also if they are completely drained of their Nova Energy, they will become weak and be unable to use any of their abilities.

Dark Nova Energy

Dark Nova Energy (which can become Nega Energy if strengthened) is formed from negative emotions, such as rage and hatred. It can transform it's user into darkened forms of themselves, or their transformations. It's powerful enough to corrupt people, and signs of Dark Nova Energy dosage include the following:


-A dark, shadow-like glow around their bodies.

-Darkened, more aggressive or even psychopathic nature.

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