Moops are the result of an illegal genetic experiment on kidnapped Pooms . It is currently unknown who created them.


Moops are the same height as Pooms, but wear dark grey uniform instead of a Pooms', traditional white clothing. They have red eyes, dark grey fur and black masks covering their mouths and eyes.

There are also a cloned army of Stormmoopers which wear black helmets and have black, square pupils.

Moop VS Poom

When the scientist behind the Moops sent them to attack the nearest Raconian, they tracked Agnetia's ship, kidnapping Agnetia and Poomy the Poomah heard the commotion and rushed out, but arriving too late. The only sign of them were Bluestreak's blaster. Poomy then took the blaster and Agnetia's diary and threw them in the DNA tracker, tracking them to a nearby planet. Upon landing, Poomy began the mission to save his friends.


They speak their own language consistant of "Moop" and "Moopa".


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