Lydius is the central protagonist of the series Lydius. She is a female Raconian. One of the older Raconians, Lydius is 17 years of age. Her Nova Energy is light blue.

About Lydius

Lydius is first met as a concerned Gransoian citiizen.

Gransoa is growing in crime rate and riots are breaking out all over. She lives alone due to Gransoa's "Grow and Go" Act that states once you turn 17, you are expected to move out and start your life as an adult. Her cousin, who is currently unnamed, took care of her from the age of 6 to the age of 17.


Lydius has light brown hair. Her eyes are blue (they match her Nova Energy color). Her shirt is a faded blue, her shoes match her shirt, and her shorts are green. She gloves that are a lighter tone of her shorts color and transparent leggings.


  • HeatBlaze
  • WaterStroke
  • PurpleTornado
  • EarthTouch
  • FreezeQueen
  • Elektrocyte
  • SuperNova



Agnetia the Alien, Volume Two



The first volume of Lydius will feature Agnetia, Bluestreak, and Poomy.

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