Lunardo is a main villain in the Lydius franchise. Introduced in Episode Two, Lunardo's goal is the downfall of the Gransoa Government.


Lunardo was born a regular Gransoian citizen. He worked for the government, but due to rising costs, he was let go. He vowed his revenge and threatened to release government secrets. Afraid of this, the government hired a hitman to kill Lunardo. The hitman kidnapped him and threw his living body in the Toxic Waste Department. Left for dead, instead of dying, his DNA mixed with the chemicals in the toxic waste turned him into his current form.


He has a yellowish-green skin tone. His hair is a much more green tone, and his eyes are a lighter tone of his skin. He wears a light green hoodie and dark green pants. He also wears grey gloves.



Role in Lydius

Lunardo is introduced in Episode Two, page "Lunardo." He is introduced as a very mysterious man, hellbent on vengeance.

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