Jenny is the deuteragonist for the Sicarius series, She's a teenage girl from the planet Earth, and Sicarius' love interest.


Jenny has Caucasian skin, she has long light wavy blond hair and blue eyes, She's usually seen wearing a black headband, black pants, a white sleeveless shirt, and black sandals.

Friends and Family

Jenny has two parents, they are unnamed at the moment though, as for friends, Jenny has a crush on Sicarius, and made friends with an Eian named Koro, and a Kawaiski named Sen, she used to consider Aaron a friend until she realised he was evil the entire time.

In Sicarius 2, it's revealed she marries Sicarius in the future and has 2 kids; Jessricias and Edwarix

Her Adventure Begins

Jenny was an average teenage girl, using her phone in the city, until Sicarius (on a mission from Pravus to wipe out the planet) met and attempted to speak with her. She rudely dismissed him, and Sicarius, unimpressed, decided that Earth deserved to die. This caught Jenny's attention and she asked him what he meant. During his explanation she assured him that Earth was not evil like Pravus had told him, and that he had been lying to him. She takes him to Aaron, who prepares a ship for Sicarius, but Jenny insists on going as Sicarius owes her a phone. They soon crash land on various planets, meeting Sen the kawaiski and Koro the Eian, taking them along on their journey.



Jenny is a third year student at her high school.

She has a score of 23 on flappy bird.

She has difficulty functioning without some form of electronic device with her, a phone, laptop, etc.

She likes the color pink.

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