Jan-L is a time traveller. Not much is known about him as of yet but he is set to play a significant role in future Raconian Heroes plotlines, including Raconian Heroes: When Worlds Collide.


As a Kronofylax, Jan-L's task was to watch over a timestream and make sure it functions as it should. Unable to interfere with most events in the universal timestreams, he was often forced to watch chaotic events and evildoers run rampant. While expected to be inured to this through time, he instead grew sick of evil, and slowly began to manipulate events, causing certain things to happen in the timestream.


Jan-L appears as a caucasian middle aged man with grey hair and a grey beard. He wears a dull blue/grey suit with darker tie and boots.


Jan-L can come off as cold and business-like, but that is the way of his people. Unlike most Kronofylax though, Jan-L has grown a soft side and dislikes watching the pain and suffering of the innocent.



Jan-L is often confused for The Doctor from Doctor Who.

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