Jafraries is a character in the Agnetia Franchise. He first appears with his crew in the Agnetia Valentine's special, Star-Crossing Lovers.


Jafraries has long purple hair and wears a red shirt similar to Agnetia's. He also wears black fingerless gloves, leggings and grey boots.


He is very cheesy, cocky and flirtatious when it comes to his relationship with Agnetia, telling Bluestreak how she "stole his heart". However when she is not around he is a cold hearted mercenary who is never afraid to kill an adversary. This disgusts Agnetia, Bluestreak and even Jafraries' own crew.


Plasmah - Super speed, plasmabolts

U-Munguz - Strength, durability, energy bolts

Flamone - Pyrokinesis


Jafraries' backstory is unknown, however it is implied that he and Agnetia used to work together in a junior battle fleet on Raconia, and that she were the only girl in the fleet who didn't have a crush on him.

Sometime later he left Raconia and started defending the Nainocru galaxy with Greeneli and Poometta, presumably fellow graduates from the Racos Junior fleet.


Jaf and Agnetia1


He is very cheesy, telling Bluestreak that Agnetia were a thief and that she stole his heart. This annoyed Agnetia greatly.

He mentioned Agnetia's "little saviour of her's whom she had a crush on". This is most likely a reference to Aidraxa saving Agnetia in the flashback from the first installment. If so, this means that Agnetia worked with the Racos fleet after the events of the flashback. It also confirms Agnetia's crush on Aidraxa.

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