The Iron Poom is an armoured suit created by Poomy in Agnetia the Alien, Episode 4: A Poom's Adventure. It is based on Iron Man from Marvel Comics.


The Iron Poom armour is capable of flying at up to 15,000 mph and can fire energy repulsors from hands and a highly powerful energy beam from his chest. It can also function as a life support system and features super computers with heads up display.


Poomy was inspired by an iron man helmet he found in Bluestreak's weapon closet, and he used it to put together a suit of armour that he could fit into. Since then, Poomy has upgraded and recreated the armour a few times, adding extra features, abilities and attack mechanisms.



The armour speaks with a computerised font.

The heads up display changes colour with the condition of the armour, turning red when in serious danger.

Poomy has added several features to the armour since its creation, like wings and energy converters.

Poomy rebuilt the armour in dark blue for Darkness Reborn.

Cyril was originally supposed to use the Iron Poom MK I armour in Darkness Reborn.

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