Gransoa is a planet in the Crystunt Galaxy. It is the adoptive home of Lydius. It is light purple with dark purple landscapes and the sky is usually blue like Earth. It is a little smaller than Earth. Next to the planet Jusnun (home of the Jusnunians), it is full of crime.

Gransoa Background

Gransoa's weather is usually the same year round. Gransoa is in the Yvenyo Quadrant of the Crystunt Galaxy. It's moon is Nuvente and it's sun is Tylin. The planets Jusnun and Woljen surround Gransoa. There are 4 regions:

Uvnin- Unvin is the warmest, most tropical part of Gransoa. It is like Earth's Florida, with many islands and a warm climate.

Ompanu- Ompanu is the coldest part of Gransoa. It is home to many mountains and the city of Ingotia, a tourist attraction much like Alaska.

Wynind- Wynind is the most populated part of Gransoa and it filled with crime. It is the most advanced as well and filled with stores, which is very tempting to the criminals.

Heurow- Heurow is the second most populated part of Gransoa and the calmest. It is the capitol of Gransoa and home of Gransoa's National Military. It is home to many Gransoian celebrities and national faces.

Gransoa and Raconia

Gransoa is in the next galaxy from Raconia. The Raconian Interplanetary Defense Force has had a fairly good relationship with the Gransoa National Military having only been in contact twice. Gransoa having had few problems with the Eian race, has had help from the R.I.D.F before due to mutual dislike of them.

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