Gorad Stricc is the sergeant of GalactiCorps Squadron #86-B and is Bluestreak's father. He debuted in Agnetia the Alien episode III, Tech Problems.


Gorad is a Zargolian, with light blue skin, a single orange eye and red hair and beard. He wears a black and red GalactiCorps uniform. In the flashback he is wearing a grey and dull blue suit, suggesting a promotion in rank since that period.

Re-meeting Bluestreak

Gorad and Clionna (Bluestreak) worked together in the GalactiCorps. However, when Clionna went missing without a trace, Gorad made it his mission to find her. He later thought he had found her on a mining planet, however she did not recognise him. Assuming he had simply found a stranger who coincidentally looked like his daughter, he left. This was not the case as the mysterious girl was Clionna, albeit under the hypnotic influence of Dakota Shane, who had Clionna believe that Dakota was her mother trying to build a Poomah sanctuary. Hope later came in the form of Agnetia, who found the truth and helped Clionna realise what had happened. They both tried to find someone, anyone who knew who Clionna's true name.

Meanwhile, Gorad had been stationed in Asteroid City as a sergeant. He was making his standard patrol when he caught a young teenage alien speeding on a starboard. However things soon went horribly wrong as the alien attacked him using an energy ring, blinding him long enough to escape. This prompted Clionna, who was also in the area looking for parts to repair Agnetia's ship at the time, to give chase. She quickly apprehended the criminal and turned him into Gorad before leaving to find Agnetia and Poomy. It was not long before both Clionna and Gorad realised how familiar they were to each other and they met, talking about how they had both lost relative(s). The memories came back to Cllionna as they realised who she really was.



It is unknown exactly what relationship Gorad had with his daughter Clionna (Bluestreak) before she disappeared, however he is overjoyed on her return, suggesting that they were close. It is possible that Clionna became a GalactiCorps officer in inspiration by her father.

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