Frightmare is an antagonist in the Agnetia the Alien series and the Lydius series.


Frightmare is a cloaked figure with skull-like facial features and red eyes. He He speaks with a growly, whispering voice.


Agnetia the Alien: We first meet Frightmare in the Agnetia the Alien Christmas special, Agnetia the Alien: A Frightmare Before Christmas. During the episode he homes in on Agnetia's fear of snow and uses it to weaken her spirit and knock her out. He begins draining Agnetia's life energy, but she wakes up and Nova blasts him away, before escaping in her superform. He tracks her, but is attacked by Bluestreak. He attacks back using her fear against her until Agnetia, now as Ultranova, fires an energy blast (seemingly) disintegrating him.

Lydius: Frightmare returns in Lydius, Episode Two: Dream Worm. We see him attempting to brainwash Lydius, and the effects it has on her. Agnetia, Bluestreak and Poomy also feature in the episode, although Bluestreak is absent for the majority of it.



Following the release of his debut comic, Frightmare was mistaken to be santa claus by a user on Bitstrips.

He resembles the grim reaper in his dark cloak, and has some of the traits of a ghost, such as intangibility and the ability to change into a gaseous form.