The Eians are a race in the Raconian Heroes universe. They serve as a main antagonist and are warring with the Raconians over their technology and power.


Eians are typically 5-6 ft tall with grey fur, whiskers and purple eyes. They are a catlike species and somewhat resemble panthers. They have been reported to use metallic armour and energy weapons in battle.


Eians, as stated, are catlike. They have extremely fast reflexes, high intelligence, sharp claws and fangs that when attacking can inject a venom-like substance that causes temporary paralysis. They also possess telekinesis, telepathy and mind control, however they can usually only control one being at a time. Eian Primes can control an unknown amount of beings at the same time.

War of the Worlds

The Eians seek absolute control. They control and occupy a notable amount of the Ucronian galaxy, but they crave control of everything. They soon found that their neighbouring planet Raconia had the technology they could use to create massive weapons and vehicles necessary for their plans. They travelled to the Raconians and asked for their assistance. They agreed, not knowing of their plans. However a few Raconian workers scanned the blueprints provided by the Eians and noticed what they really had planned, and warned the other Raconians. The deal was off, but the Eians were not leaving without "their" technology. Thus began the war.

Notable Eians

  • Koro



Despite their strong mental powers, they can be knocked out and they can get amnesia.

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