Dakota Shane is a main antagonist in the Agnetia franchise. She first appears in Agnetia the Alien, Episode 2: A Monstrous Planet.


Dakota has bright green hair, and dull green skin with black eyeliner around her red eyes. She wears a green hoodie with green leggings, and grey boots and gloves.


Not much is known about Dakota, only that she wants total control over "her" universe. She attempted building a mind control frequency that she could broadcast over the universe, but was almost stopped by an agent of the Galacticorps. This was until she used her powers and had the agent forget her life and believe that she were helping her mother build a machine to save the endangered Poom species. She later got foiled by Agnetia, the agent, and a Poom, but was liberated by Daemus, where the two travelled to Raconia. She then created a cybernetic Poom/squirrel hybrid and started on a plan to obtain infinite power from Raconia's core.


Dakota is a Florusion from Tevlos-V.

She was created by Ana Sofia Briceno for Awesomesauce9's character creation contest.

Her eyes glow red when using hypnosis, like a vampire's.

She used to be an intergalactic spy.

She apparently wore a watch, however it was destroyed during her regeneration.


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