Cyril is a character from the Agnetia franchise. He is Poomy's "brother" and is good friends with Agnetia and the gang, but hides a dark secret even he can't come to terms with.


About two feet tall, Cyril is about the same height as an average Poom, looking almost the same as Poomy, except grey and with a mouth and a differently shaped nose. He also has a large tail.

History (spoiler warning!)

Cyril was initially born as a squirrel in New Jersey, but was abducted by one of Daemus' drones and brought to Raconia at a young age. Grafted with genetic material from a captive Poom, he was mutated into a hideous and grotesque hybrid. A cybernetic endoskeleton was implanted inside him, correcting his flawed biology and allowing him to live.

He later escaped by accident and ended up in Asvea where he met Agnetia, Bluestreak and Poomy, joining them on their travels. He was later taken hostage by Daemus' shadors and was about to be destroyed but he woke up and escaped into Daemus' lab. Unfortunately, this happened to be the lab where he found that he had an army of identical clones that were created by Daemus. Poomy and Bluestreak found him, Poomy attempting to comfort Cyril after his discovery. However, they are found by Daemus and attacked. Agnetia saves them and takes them back to the ship, however Bluestreak needs a source of Alpha Energy to heal from her injuries. Cyril is assigned to watch her while Agnetia and Poomy set out to find the energy. During this time, Jan-L comes out of hiding and speaks to Cyril about the approaching universal convergence, accidentally convincing Cyril that he has to go and help Agnetia. He does so, retracing the route that Agnetia took to the ship from the cave. He finds some Alpha Energy and accidentally transforms into Alphanova, then finds Dakota, Agnetia and Herald. This is when Cyril realises that to save the universe, he must sacrifice himself. When Dakota begins to absorb some of his energy, they mix into a dangerous explosion, killing Dakota and fatally wounding Cyril, even tearing out his endoskeleton. He is later found by Poomy, Agnetia and Bluestreak, but dies in front of Poomy.



Cyril has a new Jersey accent.

His original character design has two over-biting teeth.

Unlike pooms, Cyril also doesn't like carrots, preferring nuts, berries and strangely, doughnuts.

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