This page is about the equipment that Bluestreak uses in the Agnetia the Alien series.


The Enerblaster is an advanced energy gun and is Bluestreak's go-to weapon. Typically, it appears as a red and white pistol, however is can be modified with other technology. It also has alternate modes, such as a chainsaw, a bazooka and a rifle. It first appears in Agnetia the Alien, Episode 3: Tech Problems, then in every episode after that. It is first seen changing modes in Agnetia the Alien, Episode 5: Homecoming, in which it changes into Delturion Formation.


The Bio-Culars are a tool Bluestreak uses to look for life signatures. They can be used to detect life in a nearby radius, scan DNA and detect and work out how to treat biological and mental anomalies. They are used in Agnetia the Alien: A Frightmare Before Christmas.

Future technology

It has been confirmed that Agnetia Volume II will feature future versions of Agnetia, Bluestreak and Poomy. In the promotional imagery created for the episode(s), Bluestreak is seen wielding a new weapon and wearing a watch-like device on her wrist.


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