This page is about the Aidraxa reboot series that began in 2015. It is the series that takes place in the canon RH universe.


The series begins with Aidraxa explaining the war between the Raconians and the Eian race, then cutting to current events where he is fighting Camaron. Meanwhile the Eians launch an attack on Raconia. Aidraxa cockily charges up to their battlestation and stops it by absorbing their energy blast and destroying the battlestation's weapons and defensive systems, but in turn the Eians' transporter goes haywire, sending Aidraxa to Earth with no memory. He is found and taken in by Richard and Janet Johnson. As portions of Aidraxa's memory begin to return, he finds himself attending a human high school, where he befriends more humans. But when Richard and Janet's children get kidnapped, Aidraxa must become a new hero to save them.




Supporting Characters

The Johnson family (Richard, Janet, Leo and Lucy)

Michaela Lewis

Christina Davenport

Gerald the Rabbit




The Flamewar Gang

Episode list

Season One:

A New World

School's In

Something More

Playing with Fire

Things Change

An Act of Treason

War of the Worlds

Season Two:

Hero's Welcome

New Normal

Joy to the World

All's Fair

Battle for Tomorrow

Around the Worlds in 80 hours

Saving Nine

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