This page is about the Aidraxa series created in 2014 and early 2015. It takes place in another dimension from the main RH timeline.


Season 1:

Aidraxa, bored of life on Raconia, decides to travel into space and find new worlds to explore. He crash lands on Earth and finds Rosehill, a nearby city. Here he meets Tammy Smith, and saves her from being hit by a car. He later meets her again after enrolling at Rosehill High School, where he meets Tammy's two friends Rebecca and Bethany. The three girls soon notice how strange he is, and he explains that he's "not from around here". They plan to teach him more about society later that evening so he can blend in more, but at that point Rebecca's little sister is missing. The four go out to search for her and are attacked by an armed thug who is threatening Rebecca's sister. Aidraxa transforms, revealing his powers and defeating the assailant. The girls however, grateful that Aidraxa saved them and Rebecca's sister, promise to keep Aidraxa's alien powers a secret. They become closer friends and Aidraxa becomes a local superhero using his abilities to fight crime. But everything changes as Aidraxa's sister Salova comes to Earth to bring Aidraxa home. Worse still, she unknowingly brings Katrinix, a Raconian psychopath who is madly in love with Aidraxa, to Earth with her.

Season 2:

Things are going well for Aidraxa now. Following Katrinix's defeat, Salova has come to live on Earth with him and they are blending in as humans flawlessly. But a dark mage named Zoorrlok attacks Rosehill in search of "the promised one", and makes short work of Aidraxa, even in his dark form. Rebecca turns out to be the promised one, and Zoorrlok teleports away with her. Aidraxa begins a search for her and starts training Salova. He finds out that Rebecca is being held in another dimension, called Maestus. Meanwhile, the government begins hunting Aidraxa, which causes complications when Camaron (Aidraxa's enemy from Raconia) comes to Earth to attack him and take over the planet. Salova beings to work with Aidraxa on missions, including the rescue mission to save Rebecca in Maestus.





Supporting Characters

Tammy Smith

Rebecca Wilson

Bethany Jackson




Dr. Destruktus



Klaang Glodob


Episode list

Season One

A New World

Panic at the Park


Earth Education

Family Reunion

Aliens on Earth

Season Two

Rise of Zoorrlok

Raconians United

Blood Feud

Night of the Nova

Monsters and Men

Into the Void

Father's Day

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