Agnetia is a female Raconian and the main protagonist/title character of the series Agnetia the Alien. Her Nova Energy is white.



Agnetia's Story

We first canonically meet Agnetia in a flashback in Agnetia the Alien, in which she is seven years old. She is attacked during a battle between Aidraxa and Camaron. Aidraxa transforms into what we presume is Speedstar and gets Agnetia far away. This inspires her to create the ultimate transformation to defend herself: GodMode. However she soon realises that this power is too much for a child to control, and places the power inside a crystal, then shatters it and scatters the pieces across the universe. All is well, until Daemus seeks the power of the crystals, and Agnetia must travel to Earth to find it before Daemus can. On her way, she accidentally travels through dimensions and meets Aidraxa MMXIV, who saves her from an attacking monster in Rosehill. He soon helped her find the crystal, but Daemus used it to transform into GodMode. Fortunately there was enough residual GodMode energy for Agnetia to transform too and defeat him. She then leaves Earth and starts her long journey home.


Agnetia is a heroic girl with a strong will powered by a stronger heart. She never gives up on a challenge, or her friends. She has her fears like anyone else, but she stands up to them and pushes her worries aside for the greater good. But she's not above giving Poomy a little tickle behind the ears every so often...


Agnetia appears to be a typical caucasion teenager. She has short,wavy, blonde hair and light brown eyes. She wears a purple and blue shirt and black leggings, with black and grey boots.


Antigrav: Gravity Manipulation.

Aphro: Mindcontrol and love pheromones.

Batstrike: Flight, echolocation, super hearing and sight, sharp fangs/claws.

Blaydez: Sharp electric blades on arms (similar to those of Jaw from Aidraxa).

Brainfreez: Hyper-intelligence, Cryokinesis.

Brightspark: Light Energy manipulation, bolts of light.

Digitech: Can hack, enter and control and machine.

Edita: Omnikinesis.

Electroid: Electrokinesis.

Godmode: Indestructible and capable of warping reality.

Inferna: Pyrokinesis.

Kraken: Can grow extra limbs and breathe underwater.

Megahurtz: Super strength, invulnerability and growth.

Metalmorph: Indestructible skin, can create earthquakes and morph hands into weapons.

Soniboom: Sonic abilities and hyper speed.

Stealther: Invisibility, intangibilty.

StrayDart: Projectile generation.

Supersoaker: Hydrokinesis

Twinshot: Shoots plasma energy, duplicates

Venoma: Poisonous touch


Agnetia the Alien (series)

Salova: The Renegade Raconian


White Pyro (Non Raconian media)

Local Patrol (Mentioned)



She has a crush on Aidraxa.

She hates cauliflower.

She loves Poomahs, and started a campaign to protect them from harm.

She likes Linkin Park, with "New Divide" being one of her favourite songs.

She used to be terrified of snow until her encounter with Frightmare in the Christmas Special "A Frightmare before Christmas".

Her boots have rocket thrusters in them enabling her to fly, however she has never used this ability in the series.

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